Test Your Social Security Knowledge

Social Security Quiz

1 Social Security retirement benefits are based on my highest 30 years of earnings.

2 If my spouse dies, I will continue to collect both my own benefit and my deceased spouse's benefit.

3 Only U.S. citizens can collect Social Security retirement benefits.

4 Full retirement age (FRA) is the age at which I will collect my highest Social Security retirement benefit amount.

5 If I am collecting Social Security and still working, my benefit may be reduced.

6 If I file for retirement benefits, my 50-year old spouse and 10-year old child may also qualify for Social Security benefits.

7 My primary insurance amount (PIA) is the Social Security benefit amount that I will receive at my full retirement age.

8 If I am eligible to collect a pension and also Social Security benefits, my Social Security retirement benefits may be reduced.

9 If my spouse qualifies for Social Security retirement benefits based on their own earnings record, they are not eligible for spousal benefits.

10 My Social Security benefit may be taxed.