RSSA in the News


September 2, 2021

NARSSA Partners with Social Security Expert Devin Carroll

We are excited to announce that NARSSA and Devin Carroll have signed a definitive agreement to collaborate on Social Security education, media, and advisory initiatives for consumers and financial professionals to promote and support the RSSA credential.

Devin Carroll, the major online influencer for Social Security, educates consumers through social media which includes the Simplifying Social Security YouTube channel, his Facebook group, online workshops, blogs and his website, Social Security Intelligence. The demand for Social Security advice is demonstrated by the more than million people that read his blog and watch his YouTube channel each month.

NARSSA and Carroll will be collaborating on several strategic initiatives which include the production of a video series to enhance the RSSA advisor training program, videos for ongoing professional continuing education and videos that support the promotion of the RSSA credential brand to the consumers who are seeking answers and expert guidance from a professional that has been trained and understands the importance of Social Security income optimization. In addition, NARSSA is the sponsor of the new call-in Social Security talk radio podcast, The Devin Carroll Show. All NARSSA members and financial advisors should subscribe to this new podcast to stay informed and listen to the questions that clients are asking Devin.

Devin Carroll will be providing NARRSA with weekly videos for all Registered and Associate Members. Check out the first video, Social Security: Time is Running Out, about the 2021 Social Security Board of Trustees Report, and the impact of COVID on the long-term financial status of the Social Security Trust Funds. On-demand videos can be found at the Member and RSSA Resources section of the NARSSA website.

"We are delighted to establish a relationship with Devin Carroll", said Michael Rosedale, Chairman and co-founder of NARSSA. "Devin's commitment to educating the public on Social Security and the massive following he has attained makes him and his company, Carroll Media LLC, a great fit for NARSSA." Rosedale continued, "NARSSA is rapidly executing on its vision to be the recognized gold standard for expert Social Security advisory, we couldn't be more thrilled and honored that Devin has reviewed NARSSA's five-module training program and earned his RSSA credential." Additionally Rosedale states, "Martha Shedden, our co-founder and President, has authored and built NARSSA's e-learning platform which has serviced thousands of financial professionals. Devin's focus on educating consumers on Social Security is a true complement to our strategy of helping every Social Security eligible individual get every dollar that they have earned and are entitled to."

Devin Carroll stated, "I am so excited to share my vision for Social Security education with NARSSA. Reaching out to the advisor community with NARSSA coincides with the official launch of my podcast, The Devin Carroll Show, which will also be initially sponsored by NARSSA. I created this podcast as a call-in show to help even more people to simplify the complicated Social Security rules and get every dollar in benefits they deserve. Now with the support of NARSSA and its team of RSSAs, we can work together to help educate both the consumer and advisors to better serve the public good."