Social Security Advisory Services Using MMSS Software

This course includes a recorded comprehensive presentation of the Maximize My Social Security software by Laurence Kotlikoff, followed by an audience question and answer session on the software and case examples presented.

Section 1 includes a brief overview of Social Security and the social insurance it provides, a discussion about the topic of Social Security funding and possible future proposed plans to keep the program solvent, an explanation of the proper valuation of Social Security benefits, and six client case illustrations showing the importance of the need for expert advice in combination with use of the Maximize My Social Security software.

Section 2 is a recorded session of audience questions and answers following the software presentation. Questions include the topics of spousal, divorced, widow and minor child benefits, the restricted application, how Social Security benefits are affected by non-covered pensions, working out of the country and then returning to work in the U.S., the recomputation of benefits, how the National Average Wage Index is used to calculate benefits, and the price of the software.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Enumerate the types of social insurance Social Security provides.
Recall specific details about the size and breadth of the Social Security program.
Specify the calculated software maximized claiming strategy for certain client case examples.
Choose the correct definition for specific claiming rules.
Recognize the eligibility rules for divorced widow cases.
List the Social Security benefits that are affected if the retiree is also collecting a non-covered pension.

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