Founding, Fixes & Future of Social Security

This course is intended to give a historical perspective of the Social Security program specifically focused on the financial specifics of the trust funds, past amendments and proposed future fixes to assure long-term solvency of the program.

Chapter 1 reviews measures taken to create the Social Security program, passage of the Social Security Act, a description of the trust funds and the beginning of Social Security numbers and payments. Chapter 2 details the past major amendments to the Social Security program from its inception to the present, and Chapter 3 discusses the proposed provisions of future fixes that can improve and assure solvency for the program.

Topics covered include:
The Committee on Economic Security and passage of the Social Security Act
Explanation and details of the Social Security trust funds
Past major amendments to the program
Current proposed provisions to strengthen and achieve long-term solvency of the Social Security program

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Choose from a list of possible options to achieve Social Security solvency.
Select the correct categories of proposed provisions to change the Social Security program.
Compare the validity of various statements regarding Social Security funding, approval and trust fund assets.
Evaluate which changes were made to Social Security and Medicare by the 1983 Amendments.
Recall where income from taxation of Social Security is deposited.

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