2022 Social Security Updates & New RSSA Course Topics

The RSSA Program modules have been updated this year to not only list the 2022 Social Security numbers, but also introduce several new topics. We are providing these new topics alongside some refresher information to continue your education as an RSSA. If you like to use them as a reference, please download the updated modules.

This course is comprised of seven chapters:
1. A course introduction followed by a discussion of the importance of continuing to seek a stronger understanding of Social Security rules.
2. Survivor benefits are complex, and the ages to qualify and reach survivor benefit FRA can be different than retirement benefit FRAs. This chapter will review and expand on your understanding of this topic.
3. The combined family maximum benefit affects couples with dual income and dependents. This topic is explained and demonstrated with a case study.
4. This chapter discusses Social Security taxation, at both the federal and state level.
5. Earnings Test overpayment is not uncommon and should be avoided if at all possible. This chapter discusses how to avoid this and how to help your clients if it occurs.
6. Retirees who worked in both the United States and another country can have complex situations. This chapter discusses foreign pensions and foreign Social Security programs.
7. Medicare Part B premiums are increased each year, but some are exempt due to the hold harmless rule. This chapter will have a review of the Medicare program as well as an explanation of this exemption.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Differentiate between retirement and survivor full retirement ages.
Understand when a combined family maximum benefit will affect dependent benefits.
Identify which states tax Social Security benefits and know where to find more information.
Recognize the steps which can be taken to avoid Earnings Test overpayments.
Determine if a foreign pension will subject the retiree to the WEP and/or GPO.
Learn who qualifies for the hold harmless provision and how it impacts their Medicare payments.

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