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Outsource Your Social Security Planning Services

RSSA Back Office is powered by our team of Registered Social Security Analysts who are providing comprehensive planning and support to clients nationwide.

Work with an Experienced Partner to Outsource Your Social Security Planning

Are you a financial advisor, insurance professional, tax professional, lawyer or NARSSA member with clients that need help optimizing their Social Security benefits? Our team of expert Social Security advisors will help your clients take advantage of strategies that may yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional lifetime benefits.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Partner with Social
Security Experts

RSSA Back Office is the partner of choice for financial advisors, insurance and tax professionals, lawyers, and RSSAs seeking Social Security planning services. We help your clients optimize their Social Security, while enhancing your value to your clients.
Step 2

Pay as You Go or
Purchase a Plan

RSSA Back Office provides cost-effective, flexible, and scalable plans so that you can easily and efficiently service your clients. RSSA Back Office Plan Packages are billed at a flat rate per month or pay as you go with zero minimum commitments.
Step 3

RSSA Roadmap
Client Dashboard

RSSA Back Office provides your clients with access to the RSSA Roadmap Client Dashboard. This is where your clients will begin the Social Security planning process, access their optimization plan, and gain access to other valuable Social Security content.
Step 4

On-Demand Support

SafetyNet provides your clients with year-round access to ongoing comprehensive phone support from our team of Social Security experts. We provide on-demand expert help to address your clients' immediate Social Security concerns and questions.

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