RSSA Social Security Workshop Presentation

Understanding & Optimizing Your Social Security Benefits

The RSSA Social Security Workshop Presentation will help your audience understand and optimize their Social Security benefits, and it will help you turn your prospects into appointments and appointments into new clients. You are permitted to use the presentation in its entirety, or you can select slides to create your own custom presentation. The White Glove RSSA team is here to help. If you require additional custom slides, purchasing this product provides you with the ability to work with the White Glove RSSA team to have these created.

Greatly improve your future presentations by leading in with Social Security planning to strengthen current client relationships, attract and acquire new clients, and enhance your practice. This slide deck can be used for both webinars and seminars, and will help your audience know you are the expert Social Security advisor they need.

The PowerPoint Presentation Includes:
21 PowerPoint slides
The importance of Social Security and planning
Social Security basics and types of benefits
Calculating Social Security benefits
Reductions and delayed retirement credits
Cost-of-living adjustments
Spousal and survivor benefits
Non-covered pensions
Dependent benefits
Earnings test
After purchasing the product, you will have access to downloads of the PowerPoint, PDF, and Video presentations. The Video presentation is approximately 45 minutes in length. In this video, Thomas Drapala, RSSA – an expert in Social Security education – walks you through how to expertly present the Workshop Presentation to prospects. Additionally, included in the PowerPoint presentation are Tom's presentation notes to guide you through the important details to hit on when presenting each slide. This will provide you with the appropriate speaking points and the competitive edge when presenting. You will also have quick access to support and other important information.

The RSSA Social Security Workshop Presentation is an annual subscription. The presentation and related materials are updated each year. After one year from the date of purchase, you will need to renew your subscription for another year.

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