A Need for Professional Advisors with Competency in Social Security

There are now over 59 million people collecting Social Security benefits each month, and they account for about one in six in the United States. Over 70 million baby boomers will become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits over the coming years. That's over 10,000 people a day that need advice on issues related to Social Security including specifically how to maximize their benefits for themselves and their spouse. Agents at the Social Security Administration are prohibited from providing advice. Yet there are very few professionals that have any formal knowledge or training as to how to help their clients related to Social Security and Medicare planning. There is a tremendous demand for a social security professional.

NARSSA is the first comprehensive online educational platform for financial, tax and accounting professionals that seek to obtain a foundation of education in social security issues for the purpose of advising their clients. It is independently owned by the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts and has no affiliation with the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.

The mission of the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA) is to provide financial professionals and advisors with an educational online platform to acquire the knowledge, obtain a professional credential that demonstrates their competency, and provide professionals with the resources and technology they need to better serve clients that seek advice on issues related to Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security Advisory,
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Vision for Our Association

  • To provide a centralized web-centric educational platform whereby professionals may take an online five-module self-study program that provides them with the basic and advanced foundation of knowledge in the areas of Social Security rules and procedures, including training and implementation of software so that they can collect and analyze clients' data, answer questions, provide what-if advice and planning, and generate a written report to hand out to their clients as to how to maximize their Social Security benefits.
  • To provide professionals with access to specialized software and technology to better serve their clients.
  • To provide members with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in this specialized knowledge by taking a competency final exam. Members who successfully complete the entire five-module program and pass the final exam are considered Registered Social Security Analysts and are permitted to use the professional credential RSSA after their name.
  • To continue to educate our professional members with regard to all ongoing changes in the laws pertaining to Social Security.
  • To fill the void – Providing the public demand for knowledgeable social security professionals with access to a network of RSSA credentialed professionals – Registered Social Security Analysts that can advise individuals when to file, how to file, where to file and what to file to maximize their Social Security benefits for themselves and their spouses.
  • To provide innovative marketing tools and programs to attract new clients that seek professional advice on Social Security issues.