RSSA Program for Financial Professionals

Why Financial Planners Need to Be Social Security Experts

Explained by Devin Carroll, RSSA

Take a few minutes to watch Devin Carroll's video. Devin is a financial planner who has built his business as a result of his expertise in Social Security. More than a million people read Devin's blog and watch his YouTube channel each month as he shares what he's learned about Social Security.

Top advisors like Devin Carroll are using Social Security expertise to deepen and retain relationships with current clients, attract new clients, and get the attention of key referral centers including lawyers and CPAs. If you're not talking to your clients about Social Security right now, you're taking a big risk: Nationwide's 2021 survey on consumer sentiment around Social Security found 72% of clients would be likely to switch financial planners if their current planner couldn't give them satisfactory help with their Social Security benefit decisions.

Acquiring this high-demand skill set has never been easier or more convenient. It all starts by earning the RSSA credential, the gold-standard professional credential that demonstrates competency on issues related to Social Security. NARSSA provides financial planners with the tools and training necessary to help their clients have more profitable retirements.

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