RSSA Final Exam

After successful completion of the 5-module online self-study RSSA Program, you will be eligible to register and take the RSSA Final Exam to obtain your RSSA designation. The exam is given on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and consists of two parts. You will take the exam online from the convenience of your office or home computer. All registrants must have access to a computer with a webcam on the date they will be taking the exam since it is proctored by a live person monitoring your test-taking. There is an exam proctoring fee that must be paid at the time of registration. The exam is closed-book, but you may use the NARSSA-provided RSSA Final Exam Reference Document during the exam.

Part I

Part I of the exam includes 80 multiple-choice questions on the material covered in Modules I-IV (not Module V) and requires a passing grade of 75% (60 questions must be answered correctly). You have 2 hours to complete Part I. Once all the questions are completed and you have submitted your answers, Part I will be graded automatically. If you do not pass Part I, you cannot proceed to take Part II of the exam. If you pass the first part, after an optional 10-minute break you will be presented with the second part of the exam. Registrants that fail Part I may re-register and pay to take the exam again at a future date.

Part II

Part II of the exam consists of two Social Security case studies for which you are required to use cloud-based financial software (covered in Module V) to analyze alternative claiming age scenarios to maximize clients' Social Security benefits. You have 2 hours to complete Part II. Part II includes 20 multiple-choice questions for each case study and requires a passing grade of 75% (15 questions for each case study must be answered correctly). Part II will be graded automatically. Registrants that fail Part II may re-register and pay to take the exam (the second part only) again at a future date.

Passing the Final Exam

Passing the RSSA Final Exam demonstrates your educational foundation and understanding of Social Security rules and claiming issues. After passing the exam, you must pay the initial annual Registered Membership fee. You will then gain access to the extensive RSSA resources and proudly display your RSSA credential.