Elevate Your Annuity Sales with the RSSA® Program

Bridging the Income Gap with Annuity & Social Security Optimization

Integrating Social Security optimization into the sales strategy for annuity products can significantly enhance the value proposition to potential clients.

  • Customizable Software Integration: The RSSA Roadmap is a white-labeled, cloud-based software designed to seamlessly integrate into the customer journey, enhancing financial planning and client relationships.
  • In-Depth Financial Analysis: Enables advisors to conduct thorough financial analyses, uncovering critical data for informed Social Security claiming decisions and identifying annuity opportunities.
  • Training and Certification: Transforms annuity producers into Registered Social Security Analysts (RSSAs), equipping them with the skills to leverage Social Security planning in annuity sales.
  • Strategic Sales Opportunities: Utilizes strategic Social Security advising to identify and capitalize on annuity opportunities, aligning with clients' financial security needs.
  • SETARA Service: Offers a specialized service for the self-employed, analyzing the impact of earned income on Social Security benefits and identifying income gaps for annuity planning.
  • Comprehensive Retirement Solutions: Promotes annuities as essential components of a comprehensive retirement plan, enhancing financial security against market volatility.
  • Advanced Knowledge and Credibility: Empowers annuity companies with advanced knowledge, strategies, and credibility to excel in the retirement planning market.
  • Holistic Retirement Planning: The RSSA Roadmap's financial status intake page guides advisors in identifying optimal annuity solutions, ensuring tailored, holistic retirement advice.
  • Customized Annuity Solutions: Provides advisors with the tools to recommend specific types of annuities that align with clients' income needs, risk tolerance, and financial goals.
  • Tax Efficiency and Debt Management: Advises on strategic annuity positioning for tax efficiency and debt management, enhancing financial stability in retirement.
  • Estate and Legacy Planning: Incorporates certain annuity products into estate planning, offering guaranteed income for beneficiaries and supporting legacy goals.

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